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Email Segmentation Helps You Reach and Identify Your Most Engaged Customers to Increase Your ROI

Email Segmentation

eTargetMedia helps marketers get better results from email campaigns through sophisticated email segmentation solutions. We help marketers target their campaigns using additional verticals, selects, and qualifiers to build customer profiles that can help you send more targeted, personalized campaigns that generate increased revenue.

We enable marketers to gain valuable insight into what their most engaged subscriber segments look like. We create easily customizable email segmentation models that include a combination of consumer metrics including email purchasing behavior, demographics, geography, psychographics, conversion behavior and more. This increases each email recipient’s value as well as drives increased open rates, click through rates, better email deliverability rates, higher conversions and lower unsubscribe rates. Our email segmentation solutions enable marketers to build successful email campaigns based on the most important and profitable segments of their target audience.

Our Email Segmentation Approach Includes:

Consumer Profiling – We help our clients understand their customer base to identify common purchasing behaviors, shared product/service preferences, identify hidden marketing opportunities and gain valuable insight into key customer clusters. Our marketing analysts consider each consumer segment and create consumer profiles based on demographic, psychographic, transactional, and lifecycle characteristics.

Targeting and Personalization – We help our clients use the customer insights to deliver highly personalized and targeted offers to the right customers at the right time. We target highly responsive consumers to create more significant brand interactions and send the most engaging, personalized email content that is most relevant to the customer.

Segmentation Analysis – We track, measure and analyze segmentation data and response activity to optimize campaign performance across marketing channels in real time.

Over 200 Million Email Records

Targeted email offers an improved, faster, highly measurable and more effective way for you to market your products and services.


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