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Zero In on the Right Prospects with Targeted Postal Marketing


Our comprehensive postal marketing files offer an unmatched range of demographic and lifestyle selectivity to help you zero in on the right prospects with precision. Updated frequently, our targeted postal marketing lists ensure that you have access to a steady stream of fresh data.

If cross-selling or customer retention is your goal, the information contained in our databases can also be appended to records in your house file to help you learn more about your customers in order to retain and grow existing relationships.

Leverage the power of our data to improve the impact, reach and efficiency of any component of your postal marketing efforts. Selections cover all aspects of how individuals live, work, spend their money, and the interests they possess.

This truly comprehensive database, developed from a variety of different data sources, contains demographic, lifestyle and purchase history information on over 200 million consumers and 15 million+ business professionals. Our postal list marketing data is updated frequently and offers more than 220 selections. This leading database has been designed to help you pinpoint prospects in a timely, effective and cost-saving manner. Our high performance postal marketing database has played an integral role in the success of many direct marketing campaigns.

Leverage the Power of Targeted Mailings

Reach over 200 million consumers and 15 million+ business professionals that are interested in your products and services.


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