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Engage the Right Prospects with Our Vertical and Demographic Targeting


Reach over 15 Million business professionals including influential professionals and executives from various industries.


Reach over 60 Million vacation and travel enthusiasts who are interested in receiving travel offers including vacation packages, cruises, flights, hotels and car rental offers.


Reach over 150 Million consumers with over 220 demographical and behavioral targeting selects to reach the perfect audience for your retail offer.


Reach over 50 Million entertainment and dining enthusiasts who enjoy a variety of activities including eating out, movies, concerts, outdoor activities, amusement parks and more.


Reach over 29 Million auto enthusiasts with an interest in cars, trucks, minivans, motorcycles, SUVs, and auto related promotions.


Reach over 33 Million homeowners, potential home buyers, renters and real estate professionals who are currently in the market for real estate and home and garden offers.


Reach over 10 Million education responders who are looking for current information on colleges, universities, online education, student loans, and other education offers.


Reach over 62 Million health and fitness enthusiasts who have expressed an interest in various health, fitness and wellness related offers.


Reach over 84 Million tech-savvy enthusiasts who are interested in the latest technology, including smartphones, tablets, video streaming, computers and other tech products.


Reach over 55 Million families and expecting parents who enjoy receiving offers related to family health, interests, travel, entertainment and activities.


Reach over 43 Million charitable donors who actively contribute to a full range of non-profit and political organizations and charities.


Reach over 40 Million savvy consumers who are interested in financial, investment and insurance offers and have requested to receive information pertaining to their financial interests.


Reach over 20 Million active US military personnel, Veterans, and Americans with a household family member that is currently serving in the military.


Reach over 25 Million dog, cat, fish, bird, horse and other pet owners who have requested to receive information about pet supplies, pet grooming and other pet services.


Reach over 25 Million sports enthusiasts, including sports players, spectators, sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for sports and sporting events.


Reach over 58 Million registered voters by party affiliation, demographics and an expressed interest in politics, public affairs and current issues.

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