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Email Marketing Match & Deploy Helps You Integrate Email Marketing with Your Postal Marketing Campaigns

Increase Customer Engagement Rates with our Email Marketing Match & Deploy Service

Our Email Marketing Match & Deploy campaigns give you the opportunity to send email messages to customers who are included in your postal mailing list. Incorporating email marketing into a targeted cross-promotion strategy that includes both postal and email marketing significantly increases brand loyalty, web traffic, sales and ROI.

There are many ways to connect with customers and prospects, but there is no opportunity as powerful as sending a complementary postal and email marketing campaign. Consumers make their purchasing decisions based on information from multiple marketing channels, so using email as part of a cross-promotion strategy gives you more power in reaching customers and elevates your marketing to the next level. Email also gives you the opportunity to tell your customers more about your products and services in an interactive format and delivers more engaging content than a postal campaign alone could ever accomplish.

How Does Email Match & Deploy Work?

01 Your postal mailing list is uploaded to our Email Match & Deploy database
02 Our Email Match & Deploy service identifies contacts with an opt-in email address
03 We deploy your email message to those contacts and offer comprehensive email tracking reports

Match Rates

Our Email Match & Deploy service offers the highest match rates in the industry. Most of our campaigns average a 15% – 40% match rate.

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Email Match & Deploy

Email Match & Deploy offers an opportunity to send targeted email marketing messages to your postal customer file.

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