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Enhance Your Precision-Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns
with Cross-Channel Retargeting Display Ads


Our cross-channel marketing platform makes it easy to deliver personalized promotional messages to clients through both targeted email marketing campaigns and display ads on popular websites. Delivering marketing campaigns to the right customers at the right time is critical to the sales process and it is proven that it takes multiple exposures to an ad to motivate consumers to make a purchase. Our multi-channel campaigns allow marketers to distribute their marketing messages to email inboxes and across the web therefore directing consumers to your website at a point when they are ready to make a purchase.

Email marketing is the most effective channel for reaching customers online and by incorporating retargeted display ads, marketers can extend their reach even further and continue to communicate their marketing messages to clients across multiple marketing channels. Our display advertising campaigns can help you re-target customers who received your email marketing message and promote your business, products and services when people are browsing online, watching videos, checking email, and more.

Our extensive reach can help you target the right audience by sending strategic email messages to potential customers and placing retargeting display ads on popular websites. Our email and display advertising campaigns include demographic and geographic targeting, along with specific interest selects for precision targeting and comprehensive campaign tracking and reporting. Contact us today to find out how we can help you build a comprehensive email marketing and display ad campaign.

How Display Ad Campaigns Work

  1. You send a targeted email marketing message to potential customers
  2. The customers open the email and click through to your website
  3. The display ad retargeting solution is launched
  4. Your customers then visit other websites and see your display ad which complements the email marketing message
  5. The customers click on the display ad, return to your website and make a purchase, complete the lead generation form or contact your company directly


  • Complement your email marketing campaign with re-targeted displays ads
  • Re-connect with customers who received your email message 
  • Develop a cross-channel marketing strategy
  • Build your brand and increase brand awareness
  • Keep your marketing offer at the top of your customers’ minds
  • Generate leads and sales on your website
  • Retarget customers and encourage them to return to your website
  • Decrease shopping cart abandonment rates by retargeting customers

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