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eTargetMedia has been a leading email marketing company for over 25 years and is recognized in the industry for offering top notch email and digital marketing solutions. One of the reasons the company is so successful is eTargetMedia follows all best practices for email and cross-channel marketing. Today’s top global brands trust eTargetMedia to send millions of messages per month to targeted consumers and business professionals which has given the company tons of experience in testing the best practices that are most successful for executing top performing campaigns. In addition, Harris Kreichman has earned the ANA’s Certified Marketing Professional Designation which includes rigorous marketing and best practices courses to help the company exceed the standards for today’s multi-faceted marketer.

Here are the top best practices to improve your email campaigns:

  • Target and Segment Your Email Audience
  • Use Strong Calls to Action
  • Make Your Email Design Mobile Responsive
  • Focus on Engaging Content and Personalization
  • Put CTAs and Important Content Above the Fold
  • Optimize Subject Lines and Preview Text
  • A/B Test Your Content (CTAs, Images, Subject Lines and Copy)
  • Make Sure Email Renders Correctly Across Devices and Email Programs
  • Allow Subscribers to Opt-In and Opt-Out
  • Respect People’s Privacy
  • Track Email Engagement, Opens, Clicks, and Conversions

Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers, nurture leads, convert prospects, or reward repeat customers, eTargetMedia can help you plan and execute a targeted email marketing campaign that drives results. Contact us today at 888-805-3282, or

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