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eTargetMedia Launches Redesigned Website, Announces New Creative Services and Outstanding Results for Clients Across All Industries

eTargetMedia, a leading provider of email lists, postal lists and data append solutions, has launched a fully redesigned website and added new creative services to their multi-channel marketing capabilities. eTargetMedia’s redesigned website includes increased features for an efficient and user-friendly customer experience and numerous new, fresh-to-market data cards with hotline data. eTargetMedia is a recognized leader in the email and postal marketing industry and has produced outstanding results for clients across all industries and verticals. In addition to targeted email list and postal list marketing, eTargetMedia is now offering full service creative solutions that help businesses drive results, build their brands and maximize their ROI. The eTargetMedia professional design team develops branded creative campaigns including response-driven HTML email messages, landing pages and more.

eTargetMedia’s excellent customer service and dedication to client success has helped them build a client portfolio of some of the most recognized companies in the world. eTargetMedia has managed successful campaigns for leading brands across all industries and verticals such as travel including major airlines, hotels, cruise lines, CVBs, and resorts; real estate including the nation’s largest homebuilders; auto including manufacturers of luxury, compact and eco-friendly vehicles; retail including apparel, electronics, furniture and CPG products; education including Master’s and Bachelor’s programs across diverse universities and programs as well as other specialty campaigns in business, consumer and niche markets with strategically planned initiatives that consistently delivered results.

“We have the technology, experience and dedication to help our clients target the right customers, develop smart, results-driven creative, increase their results and maximize their marketing budgets,” stated Harris Kreichman, Managing Partner of eTargetMedia. “We are committed to working with each and every client to meet and exceed their goals. We have produced outstanding results for businesses in a variety of industries and we continue to offer new services that will help our clients grow their businesses.”

eTargetMedia consistently receives outstanding testimonials from clients. The following are recent testimonials eTargetMedia received after managing successful campaigns.

“I’ve worked with eTargetMedia for almost 9 years. They are a very dedicated group of email marketing professionals and the results I receive from using their email databases have always exceeded my goals. Our email list campaigns through eTargetMedia receive the highest response rates of all of our email marketing campaigns and we continually increase our sales. With eTargetMedia, we can test different creatives and different target groups to see what generates the best results. eTargetMedia has helped me improve all of my email marketing initiatives,” states one of eTargetMedia’s customers.

“eTargetMedia is a very experienced and knowledgeable email marketing and postal list marketing company. We had a very specific target group that no other company could reach,” states another customer. “eTargetMedia was able to plan a campaign that reached our target group and the results of the campaign were very impressive. It was our highest performing email marketing campaign and helped us reach a group of new customers.”

eTargetMedia’s redesigned website can be visited at The website includes information about the company, their multi-channel marketing services as well as a datacard library featuring over 215 specialized targeted selects, demographic, psychographic and lifestyle data.   


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