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eTargetMedia Announces Their Holiday Shoppers and Buyers Email and Postal Lists Offer Some of the Most Targeted Demographics and Psychographics in the Industry

eTargetMedia has announced their holiday buyers email lists and postal lists offer some of the most targeted demographics and psychographics in the industry. With the holidays approaching quickly, eTargetMedia’s extensive targeting capabilities will help retailers pinpoint the exact target group at the exact time when they are starting their holiday shopping. eTargetMedia’s holiday shoppers and holiday buyers lists help companies reach consumers who are purchasing holiday gifts and items for family, friends, teachers, colleagues and themselves.

eTargetMedia’s holiday buyers email and postal lists offer some of the most targeted demographics and psychographics in the industry with over 215 targeted selects. eTargetMedia has expanded the selects on their holiday shopping email lists to include even more targeted demographic selects including age, gender, income, HHI, family status, homeowner, occupation, geography, purchase preference, buying habits, as well as a highly extensive range of interests, hobbies and lifestyle qualifiers to reach the right target with precision for each offer.

The eTargetMedia holiday buyers files are comprised of individuals and families who take full advantage of online retail opportunities, online coupons, direct mail offers and email offers. These holiday shoppers start early, and take full advantage of email offers and exclusive offers for all holiday shopping, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza and all holidays within the holiday season. They purchase a variety of items including costumes, decorations, holiday gift baskets, spa and event tickets, apparel and accessories, cosmetics and beauty, holiday travel, electronics, music and entertainment, toys and games, gift cards and much more.

“eTargetMedia works with leading direct marketers in a variety of industries and we produce outstanding results for our clients,” states Harris Kreichman, Managing Partner of eTargetMedia. “We have over 30 targeted holiday shoppers and active buyers lists, giving our clients tremendous opportunity to locate the exact target group for their holiday offers. We are always adding new targeting selects to our lists and we have some of the most targeted lists in the industry.”

Visit the eTargetMedia website to view the Holiday and Buyers files.

Title Size
Active Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Treatments   9,671,253
Active Holiday Online Shoppers 12,326,953
Active Mail Order Buyers 12,834,442
Active Holiday Online Shoppers 27,125,796
Active Online Responders 34,341,817
Active Wine & Cheese Enthusiasts 10,974,338
American Bargain & Discount Shoppers 16,814,855
American Coffee Lovers 13,224,517
American Fashion & Design Shoppers 16,601,783
American Gift Card Buyers 31,404,828
American Jewelry Buyers 6,754,889
American Shoe Buyers Online 20,195,540
Apparel Buyers 24,870,245
Avid E-Book Readers 3,558,009
Avid Home Shopping Enthusiasts 6,847,370
Avid Readers & Book Buyers 11,122,901
Avid Spa and Therapeutic Massage Enthusiasts 3,519,549
Chocolate Lovers 7,155,134
Corporate Gift Buyers 932,101
Cosmetics & Fragrance Buyers 5,006,615
Denim and Jeans Buyers 20,348,565
Digitally Connected Tablet Owners 10,798,037
Fashion Forward Trend Setters 6,248,419
Holiday Electronic and Gadget Gift Buyers 9,476,712
Holiday Gift Buyers for Tweens and Teens 7,533,165
Holiday Toy Buyers with Children Ages 0-12 in Household 4,919,461
Luxury Auto Buyers 5,244,506
Luxury Brand Buyers 7,026,177
Organic Lifestyle and Natural Product Buyers 4,260,321


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