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eTargetMedia Produces Excellent Results on Cruise Ship Email Marketing Campaigns and Will Be Exhibiting at the Cruise Shipping Miami 2014 Conference

eTargetMedia, a leading provider of Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Creative solutions, announced that their targeted and 100% opt-in email marketing campaigns for the cruise ship industry have produced excellent results, generated well above industry average click-through and open rates and increased bookings on special promotions. eTargetMedia works with some of the biggest cruise ship lines in the industry including Celebrity Cruises, Carnival and Royal Caribbean to plan and manage targeted email marketing campaigns. eTargetMedia’s email marketing campaigns have helped cruise ship lines to promote special offers to customers and prospects, introduce new cruise ship features and new ships, increase customer acquisitions, increase bookings and conversion rates, boost website traffic and more. The great success with email marketing campaigns for the cruise ship industry has led eTargetMedia to exhibit at Cruise Shipping Miami in March 2014.

eTargetMedia has 8 targeted cruise ship email marketing lists and is able to target customers and prospects by a variety of selects including cruising preferences, income, geo-targeting, ethnicity, lifestyle interests, age, gender, presence of children and more. The targeted cruise ship lists include Active International Cruise Enthusiasts, American Family Cruise Enthusiasts, American Seniors Cruise Enthusiasts, Avid Canadian Cruisers, Avid Canadian Family Cruisers, Avid Cruise Line Enthusiasts, High Income Canadian Consumers and High Income Cruisers. The cruise ship email lists are comprised of both families and individuals who enjoy taking cruises. The files include a diverse prospect base that spans across varying demographics who share a common interest in cruising worldwide. Travel selects include travel related activity based categories such as wine enthusiasts, spa enthusiasts, golf enthusiasts, water sports, outdoor activities, dining, shopping and much more.

“We have seen tremendous success with our cruise ship email marketing campaigns” stated Harris Kreichman, Managing Partner of eTargetMedia. “Our cruise ship email campaigns have generated exceptional results for acquisitions, conversions, cruise ship bookings and website traffic. Our precise targeting capabilities allow us to segment audiences based on their cruising preferences such as international cruisers, avid cruisers, family cruisers, senior cruises, high income cruisers, preferred cruising destinations, preferred cruise activities and more.”

Cruise Shipping Miami, taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center on March 10-13, 2014, is the cruise industry’s premier global event. Cruise Shipping Miami has been the leading international conference for 30 years. More than 1,800 cruise line owners, operators and marketers are expected to attend this year.

Visit eTargetMedia at Booth #1177 at the Cruise Shipping Miami conference to learn more about the company.

eTargetMedia’s Cruise Lists Include:

Active International Cruise Enthusiasts 10,079,892
American Family Cruise Enthusiasts 4,874,527
American Senior Cruise Enthusiasts
Avid Canadian Cruisers 3,330,148
Avid Canadian Family Cruisers 1,071,692
Avid Cruise Line Enthusiasts 34,722,843
High Income Canadian Cruisers 2,003,817
High Income Cruisers 10,002,216

eTargetMedia, based in South Florida, provides Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Creative Solutions to a wide variety of direct marketing customers. eTargetMedia is a member of the Direct Marketing Association.

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