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Exceed Your Email Marketing Goals with our Superior Data and Expertise


We have the most responsive consumer and B2B database on the market.

We have the experience and tools to implement successful email marketing and multi-channel marketing campaigns while keeping costs low and results high. We are able to identify your ideal customer and engage those customers into becoming loyal brand followers. We can improve your email campaign success and ROI by assisting in audience targeting, email design, email content, and email deliverability. We don’t only hit the inbox, our email campaigns are opened, clicked and converted. 

Precision Targeting Builds the Perfect Audience

We can help you build the perfect audience for your offer. We know what they want, when they want it and the best way to deliver your offer to them.

Engage the Right Prospects with Our Vertical and Demographic Targeting

We have over 220 targeted verticals to choose from and the most comprehensive database on the market today. Our smart engagement strategies will locate the ideal audience for your company. 

Increase Your Email Results and ROI

Our targeted email campaigns can deliver higher open rates, click-through rates, increased traffic and conversions, and improve your analytics to build on your campaigns. 

20 Years of Proven Experience and Success

eTargetMedia has over 20 years of industry expertise and has built successful email campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands. 

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    Let's Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

    We offer full service marketing solutions. Contact us today, call 1.888.805.3282 or email

    Precise Targeting Helps You Connect to the Right Audience

    Micro-Target Your Desired Audience

    Our email list database is one of the largest on the market today, containing information on more than 150 million consumers and 15 million businesses.

    Choose Your Vertical

    We have hundreds of verticals to choose from including Travel, Education, Health, Entertainment, Retail, Auto, Real Estate, Sports, Financial, Technology, Non-Profit, B2B and Many More

    Select Your Demographics

    Engage the right prospects with eTargetMedia’s demographic targeting capabilities. We can help you reach targeted and responsive prospects locally and nationally by demographic profiling. 

    Select Shopping and Lifestyle Preferences

    Our email and direct mail list segmentation includes lifestyle qualifiers, purchase preferences, geography, demographic selects, consumer behavior, and more.

    Optimize and Analyze Your Campaigns

    eTargetMedia uses complex email campaign optimization and analytics to turn data into actionable insights that improve campaign results and increase your ROI.

    Engage Your Audience with Our Creative Solutions

    Our creative team creates engaging and response-driven creative that will motivate your customers and prospects to take action, therefore increasing sales, leads, and ROI.

    Let's Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

    We offer full service marketing solutions. Contact us today, call 1.888.805.3282 or email