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How Brands Are Shifting Email Tactics During Covid-19


The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing brands to connect digitally and email marketing is offering a perfect opportunity for marketers to reach their customers. People are stuck in their homes and are spending more time online and with most retail stores shut down across the country, marketers are taking advantage of email marketing to motivate customers to shop online. Email marketing is even more important now as many other marketing channels have been pushed aside amid the crisis.

During these unprecedented times, COVID-19 is driving a shift in email strategy as retailers try to stay in touch with their customers. Many retailers are offering exclusive discounts to email subscribers and are seeing a big increase in online sales from their email campaigns. Some retail categories are showing a big surge in online sales during the crisis including technology, athletic and loungewear, exercise equipment, beauty, home goods, furniture and decor and more.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting many brands, a large percentage of digital marketers have seen email success by adapting their email marketing strategies to include more personalized messaging, tailored content and limited time, exclusive special offers. The shift in email strategy is working to encourage customers to shop online and is keeping customers loyal to the brand.

Many brands have successfully pivoted their marketing strategy to ecommerce-only. They are leveraging in-store customer data into their email marketing campaigns and have turned brick and mortar customers into e-commerce shoppers.

Successful brands are specifically communicating with customers who usually only shop in- store and introducing these customers to the benefits of being a loyal email subscriber and the convenience of online shopping. This email marketing strategy is helping brands stay connected with customers during these important times and is helping brands increase their online sales.

Every brand wants to drive business forward during these difficult times and email marketing is the most effective tool to meet the massive shift in shopper behavior. Putting your brand in front of your customers is even more essential now and email marketing offers the ultimate tool to reach them.

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