Turn Email Data Into Actionable Insights that Improve Results

Email Optimization

eTargetMedia uses complex analytics and email campaign modeling to turn data into actionable insights that improve campaign results. We use complex data reports to make intelligent optimization decisions that will increase conversions and close the gap between marketing communications and sales. Email testing can be used to optimize email campaigns and get valuable insights into which marketing messages or email segmentation groups deliver the best business results. We use powerful optimization and analysis tools to run sophisticated email tests that will improve campaign metrics, including A/B testing, multivariate testing, subject line testing, audience testing, creative testing, send time testing and more.

Our email optimization approach includes a complex testing model that identifies the best time, offer and customer to drive incremental purchasing transactions. We integrate multiple sources of data to identify customer clusters that result in more opens, clicks, conversion and revenue. Being able to automatically measure optimization efforts is the best way to immediately increase your campaign ROI.

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