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eTargetMedia has the knowledge and experience to implement a comprehensive marketing and promotion strategy that will produce measurable results in traffic, customer acquisition, and revenues. eTargetMedia's services span the gamut of online and offline direct marketing, including; Targeted Email Lists, Postal Lists, Email Append and Creative Services.

Our service and commitment to excellence means that not only will you see vast improvements, but you will have the benefit of utilizing our ongoing support and services to further enhance and develop your marketing presence.

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The key to any successful business is satisfied clients. Our service and commitment to excellence has helped us grow an impressive list of national and local clients.

We offer full service marketing solutions.
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- 20 Years of Experience

- Cost Effective Results

- DMA Trusted Marketer Member

- Dedicated and Experienced Team

- Unmatched Commitment to Client Success

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Client Testimonials

"eTargetMedia’s experience, quality service, attention to detail and exceptional products have made a significant contribution to collective success."
Scott S. - President

"I consider eTargetMedia to be one of my premier suppliers of accurate and responsive data."
Stefanie P. - Partner

"Phenomenal customer service, consistently high open rates, team players in making sales."
Daniel W. - Data Manager


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Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions

  • Targeted Email Lists

    eTargetMedia has the ability to micro-target your desired audience. Our email list database is one of the largest on the market today, containing information on more than 150 million consumers and 15 million businesses. Learn More >

  • Postal Lists

  • Append Services

  • Creative Services